I give GOD all the glory for the ability to create... I would like my art to be a message of peace. I love colors. They make life brighter. It brings joy and feeds the soul of those who see it...

    Gildardo Rengifo brings his own life into his paintings as he reflects upon his childhood experiences in Colombia and his growing love and passion for this new land in which he lives. The unique beauty of everyday life and its experiences expressed in his paintings creates an environment that everyone can relate to. One can easily step into Rengifo's world, smelling the aromas, hearing the sounds, and watching the activity of village and city life. Yet the use of flawless, vibrant colors in his style creates in the viewer a longing for the heavenly world that he depicts. Whether in times of celebration or in times of sober reflection Rengifo's style reminds his viewer that hope always remains.
Inmigrante Latino
40 x 30"
Oil on Canvas

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